Universal OnLive Wireless Controller

Tell me more about Universal OnLive Wireless Controller.

The Universal OnLive Wireless Controller offers flexible configuration options to support multiple device platforms. The Controller includes a Wireless Adapter that enables you to use the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller with tablets, smartphones, PC/Mac® computers and the OnLive Game System.

OnLive Wireless Controller + Adapter

You have the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller if it has this wireless symbol: wireless symbol

What is included in the box?

  • Universal OnLive Wireless Controller
  • OnLive Wireless Adapter
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • (2 ea) AA batteries and Battery Pack
  • 1 ft USB cable (for power/charging)
  • Product Information Guide
  • Quick Start Diagram

How do I Sync the Controller?

The Controller should be pre-synced with the OnLive Wireless Adapter. This is typically a one-time setup procedure. If your Controller loses sync, see Sync the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller for detailed instructions.

Can I add another Controller?

Yes! See Sync Additional Controllers for detailed instructions.

How many Controllers can I add?

See Using Multiple Universal OnLive Wireless Controllers for advice on the total number of controllers you can sync.

How do I use the Controller?

Power Up/Wake from Standby

Press the OnLive logo/center button Center Button

Power Down

The Controller will automatically timeout and go into standby mode after 10 minutes of inactivity, or press and hold the OnLive center button for 3-4 seconds to manually power down the Controller. If the Controller is connected via USB, it will remain on (and will charge the Rechargeable Battery, if it is installed).

Capture a Brag Clip™ Video

Press the record button on the Media Bar™Record Button

Navigate On-Screen Menus

  • Move the D-pad or left thumbstick (analog stick) to navigate screen options (Up, Down, Left or Right)
  • To Select an item, press Button A
  • To go Back to the previous screen (or to cancel an action) press Button B

Type Text

When an on-screen menu requires text entry, a virtual keyboard is displayed. Use the controller to navigate to the keyboard and enter text.

  • Use the D-pad or left thumbstick (analog stick) to navigate to the email address or password field
    • Press Button A to display the Virtual Keyboard
    • Use the D-pad or left thumbstick to navigate the menu, then press Button A to select letters, numbers or symbols
  • Take it slow—entering text with a gamepad controller is a much different experience than typing from a keyboard
    • Watch the on-screen menu, and see each character as it is entered
    • To erase a character, navigate to the Backspace/Delete icon and press Button A to delete the last character

How do I power the Controller?

Use the included Rechargeable Battery Pack or 2 AA Battery Pack to power the Controller.


OnLive Wireless Controller Buttons

  1. Left Shoulder
  2. Left Trigger
  3. Home, Start, Select
  4. Right Trigger
  5. Right Shoulder
  6. D-pad
  7. ABXY Buttons
  8. Left Analog Stick
  9. Right Analog Stick
  10. Indicators Lights

Media Bar™

OnLive Wireless Controller Media BarTM

  1. Rewind
  2. Record
  3. Function
  4. Play/Pause
  5. Fast Forward
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