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I received a warning message about a slow connection.

OnLive technology is designed to tolerate periodic reductions in bandwidth, which can occur if you are surfing the web or sending email messages. However, OnLive will not work simultaneously with high-bandwidth applications (such as video or music streaming or downloading large files). These high-bandwidth applications compete for bandwidth and can interfere with your OnLive experience - to the point that gameplay is adversely affected. When bandwidth (Internet performance) is affected, you may notice video artifacts or lag in gameplay (slower than normal response).

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Related Error Code: T001

How do I improve connection speed?

Consider whether other people in your home are using your Internet connection at the same time. Applications that use high bandwidth (such as video playback, large file downloading, or file sharing) will compete for the Internet connection and can introduce extensive data dropouts.

Try closing other applications that may be slowing down your computer. If you use a laptop, check that the power settings are set to run at full (or high) performance, particularly if it is running on batteries.

If you're not sure where to start and you have a PC, run an OnLive System Check and send us the results. We'll take a look and let you know what we find.

What about my ISP - can that be an issue?

It's possible. Degraded performance may be due to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) suffering from congestion problems, or there may be an issue with your home networking equipment. If you have unexplained low performance when no other people are using your Internet connection, you might try power cycling your cable, DSL or fiber modem and your other network equipment, such as firewalls or wireless routers. To power cycle a device, simply turn the device off, wait a few moments and then turn it on again.

But the speed test says that I have good bandwidth!

It's important to remember that, although the advertised connection speed for your Internet connection may be high enough to meet OnLive's Computer and Internet Requirements, the actual speed after sustained use (which is what OnLive relies upon) may be less. In many cases, actual speeds are lower than advertised Internet connection speeds, or the advertised speeds are only sustained for short bursts, before settling down to a much lower rate. Most speed test websites only measure burst speed, but sustained rate is what OnLive can utilize.

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