MicroConsole™ TV Adapter

What is the MicroConsole™ TV adapter?

The OnLive MicroConsole TV adapter is a sleek, pocket-sized device that connects to your broadband Internet connection and your TV. It’s backed by high-performance, Internet-based game servers to deliver an unprecedented gaming experience. You can launch top-tier games in seconds that would take minutes to start on high-end consoles or PCs. Through the MicroConsole TV adapter, you have instant access to OnLive’s Marketplace of premium new release, indie and classic games, with free game demos. Learn more: OnLive Game System.

How many controllers can I connect with the MicroConsole?

The MicroConsole works with up to four OnLive Wireless Controllers, which were designed specifically for the video-rich OnLive environment. The exclusive Media Bar™ provides one-touch recording of Brag Clip videos of your finest gameplay moments, as well as the ability to pause/play, rewind and fast-forward through videos.

Can I use a keyboard and mouse with the MicroConsole?

Yes, most current USB keyboards and mice work with the MicroConsole.

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